Matte Coating
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Matte Coating

Sometimes silicone is not the answer to your release needs. Matte film can do much more than function as a simple release layer: it diffuses light to soften the glare of professional photos, adds a layer of scratch-resistance to furniture, and adds visual appeal to labels. Whether it functions as a heavy-duty surface for non-stick conveyor belts and pallets, or on a chair you sit in at a fast food restaurant, matte film makes a gentle impact in our everyday lives.

  • No Glare
  • Non-Silicone Release
  • Softening, Eye-Catching
Often, we mechanically texturize the film itself by either removing microscopic layers once it has dried (known as “sub-micron embossing”), or by cooling the molten film on a texturized roll. As always, our films can come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and can be die-cut, sheeted, or made into rolls of varying widths.

Standard Specifications

Caliper (Mil.) 0.48 0.75 0.92 1.42 2 3 5
Elongation at Break TD (%) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Tensile Strength MD (psi) 24,900 29,900 29,900 29,900 29,900 29,900 29,900
Tensile Strength TD (psi) 30,600 30,600 30,600 30,600 30,600 30,600 30,600
Yield (nominal) 42,205 26,449 21,798 13,969 10,069 6,739 4,032


Common applications

  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Appliances
  • Extrusion Liners

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